Executive Conference Agenda

GREXIT: Growth and Exit Strategies that Maximize Value
7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m. - 3:30/4:00 p.m.
Registration and Breakfast
Session starts promptly at 8:00 a.m.
  • Morning Session

    • Business Valuation

      • Who are the best buyers?
      • How is COVID-19 affecting value
      • Building value vs. growing a business
      • Value myths exposed - The truth about multiples, book values and more
      • How savvy buyers take advantage of unprepared sellers
      • Interest rates and their impact on selling price
      • Exit strategy and timing
      • Presenting your financials properly
      • The buyer rarely buys what the seller thinks they are selling
    • The M&A Sales Process

      • 16 steps to take you from the start of the selling process to a successful close
      • Common and costly pitfalls to avoid
    • Common Seller Mistakes

      • Selling to the wrong buyer
      • Not knowing the value of their business
      • Following the amateur process
    • How a Strategic Growth Plan generates growth

      • Finding the hidden opportunities for growth in every business
      • The five growth zones and drivers of growth within them
      • Growing profits and cash flow faster than revenue
  • Working Lunch (lunch is provided)

    • Capital Gains Taxes

      • How to minimize capital gains taxes
      • Coming changes
    • Packaging your proposal

      • Seeing your business through the eyes of the buyer
      • Explaining your company's past; documenting its future potential
      • Creating your ‘document of value’
    • Becoming an optimal seller

  • Afternoon Session

    • How to decide if you should grow or sell

      • What return on investment should a privately held business generate?
    • Growing with a Strategic Growth Plan

      • How growth plans are developed regardless of business size
      • How to grow WITHOUT additional resources
      • How the Pareto Principle makes growth strategies successful in ANY industry
      • How owners stifle growth by focusing on the wrong products, services, and customers
      • Actual case studies of successful growth plans will be presented for businesses with sales of under $1M to over $60M
    • How buyers calculate the value of a business

      • An actual calculation of value will be presented
      • Demystifying M&A jargon - CAPM, discount rate, beta factor, terminal value and more
    • Identifying and accessing buyers

      • Why the buyer in your industry may not be the best buyer
      • How to identify and approach the right buyers
      • Which buyers to avoid and why
      • Even the odds when dealing with sophisticated buyers who purchase several businesses each year
    • Negotiating and structuring the deal

      • Negotiating mistakes to avoid
      • How professionals get the best price in the shortest time
      • Managing multiple buyers to obtain the highest possible selling price
      • Deal structures designed to give you more cash with less risk
    • Forms of payment

      • Making your business "pay you" even after you exit
      • Important legal and tax considerations
      • Protecting your lifestyle and estate needs
      • How is real estate handled?